Upcoming workshops at Mountmaking Focus Studio!

Fundamentals of Mountmaking
Jamie Hascall and Chris Moore will be offering a workshop on the Fundamentals of Mountmaking for Museum Objects on Thursday and Friday June 29th and 30th. The workshop will be held at Mountmaking Focus Studio in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.
The workshop will be a two-day intensive covering the basics of mountmaking, with a major focus on mountmaking as a preventive conservation practice. Object assessment, design parameters, material choices, and fabrication techniques will all be covered. Participants will use skills learned to build a mount for a standard object, and to design and attempt a mount for an object they will bring to the session.
This class is aimed at students with minimal shop experience, but is small enough to accommodate those of higher skill levels as well. Subsequent workshops will build on the skills learned during this session, as well as venturing into additional materials and subject areas. If there are specific skills, materials, or object types you’d like to learn about, please contact us.
Coming workshops:
July 27th and 28th: Acrylic, Plastics, and Alternative Materials
August 31st and Sept 1st: Seismic Stabilization Basics
Sept. 21 st and 22nd: Fundamentals of Mountmaking
Workshop size is limited to 6 persons.
Workshop fee is $400 per person plus a $30 Materials fee.
For further details, please contact:

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