PACCIN Prep Conference 2017

A few months ago I went out to Fort Worth, Texas for the PACCIN Preparator Conference. It was wonderful to get to see friends from all over the world and sit down and discuss the joys and concerns of our industry. Over the two days, we had quite a few presentations, a lunchtime discussion, a wonderful social hour (with quite a bit of booty shaking), back of house tours of 4 museums, and more social connections than I can shake a stick at.

The presentations were extremely interesting ranging from topics about social media, environmental performance of packing crates, diversity and inclusion, hanging art, and even a couple about how to move art into Venice. Want to watch some of them? Click this link to go to the PACCIN website and watch some of the presentations! They were all really well done.

I love attending these conferences because I’m able to connect with people that do the same thing that I do. We’re able to sit down and laugh or complain about the things that no one else understands! About the hilarity of bad situations and the frustration of perfect situations. I’m able to see friends that I only see at these conferences because they live on the other side of the country or world! During this time, I was able to hang out with a couple lovely ladies from the UK. On our off day, we went to a tattoo convention and a cutting competition… because, you know, Texas.

If you haven’t made it out to one of these conferences yet, I highly recommend it. There’s such a wealth of knowledge and information, the people are incredibly friendly, and you get to try the local fare… And you’ll run into me there!

Hope to see you at the next conference,

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