Telling a story through exhibition is a primary mission of most museums. It is also a time when collections are most vulnerable to damage and wear. Proper training in sound exhibit technique is key to minimizing hazards.


Jamie Hascall has trained groups and individuals in the analysis and hands-on skills involved in building mounts, and exhibit installation techniques. He has worked with groups ranging from community arts center volunteers taking on a significant exhibit with little knowledge of how to execute it, to the experienced crew of a major museum embarking on the enormous task of commissioning a new building and needing to quickly expand skills and capacity.


Recent Projects:

  • Experience Music Project: Jamie was hired to work with the exhibit crew on a large project, with the purpose of providing training to the crew by direct instruction, as well as through continued mentoring and building mounts for the exhibit.
  • The Alaska State Museum: The State of Alaska commissioned the building of a totally new facility to house the State Library, Archives, and Museum. The SLAM project is a state of the art building with significant museum exhibit space.  Jamie came to Juneau in March of 2015 and trained a group of staff and contract preparators in mountmaking.  The scope of the project would have been a test to any large and seasoned crew, but this fresh group rose to the challenge. Within a year, over 1300 mounts were built and installed by the crew and outside professionals. During five visits of two to three weeks each, Jamie provided ongoing instruction and skilled help over the course of the year. The museum opened to rave reviews on June 6th, 2016.
  • Training is available on-site at client premises. The skills and methods taught can be customized to fit the specific project and institutional needs.
  • Workshops are also offered at Mountmaking Focus Studio in Seattle. Classes will be of limited class size and may be tailored to specific materials and interests. Please subscribe to our blog to receive announcements of upcoming workshops.