Looking forward to a New Year of Mountmaking Workshops!

We’re just coming off of a wonderful mountmaking workshop with Ian, Brooke, and Julia from the Exhibits Department at SFMOMA. We spent four days working through the Fundamentals of Mountmaking, and added a day each of Mountmaking with Plastics, and an introduction to Seismic Stabilization. They built wonderful mounts in brass, stainless, and acrylic plastic and we had a great time! It left me totally jazzed about the studio plans for the upcoming year!

I’ve committed to having a workshop every month here at Mountmaking Focus Studio in Seattle. This will start January 22nd-23rd with the Fundamentals of Mountmaking, which will be repeated March 15-16th. February will have a session on Mountmaking with Acrylic and Other Plastics, and Basics of Seismic Stabilization will be on April 12th-13th. These will all be two day workshops and I’ll publish the February dates as soon as they are firm. Later in the year I hope to have a workshop on Textile Mounts, and a session on Mannequin Building. For these, I may bring in experts that I’ve had the luck to work with and learn from. Stay tuned for more details.

In addition to our home-grown workshops, I will be traveling to train and consult at museums and companies around Washington State, the country, and beyond. I custom design training for specific collections needs and the available shop and personnel resources. Get in touch and let’s see if I can help your institution bring mountmaking in-house.

The most exciting opportunity of the year is the chance to teach a 3 1/2 day workshop at West Dean College in Chichester UK, scheduled from October 22nd-25th. This is still in the planning stages but should be announced for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. Stay tuned for more details!

This workshop is loosely happening in conjunction with the 6th International Mountmaking Forum to be held September 25th-27th at the Natural History Museum London. This conference will be the 10 year anniversary of the Mountmaking Forum and the first event outside of the US. Be there if you can!

Happy Holidays to all, and let’s build mounts together in the New Year!

Julia and Brooke

Ian Bending Acrylic with heat gun.

Stainless Mount for glass pitcher by Julia

Pitcher mount hiding in the distortion

Acrylic Mount for Italian Wine Seller’s Bottle ready to bend.

Antique Italian Wine Seller’s Bottle

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